Wicozani Flutes are one of a kind handmade Native American style flutes by Geri Littlejohn. Geri is currently focused on her devotional project 64 Songs on 64 Flutes and is not taking orders at this time.  Learn more about the 64 Flute Project here.


I am often asked how much I charge for my flutes. My standard answer was as follows:

"I believe in compassionate generosity and sacred reciprocity.

I ask $450 for all of my mid-range turned flutes, $600 for bass flutes, $250-$350 for branch flutes, and $750 for double chambered drone flutes.

I gratefully receive more.

Or less.

All I ask is that the amount you offer feel really good to give.

Only you know what is a fair amount to offer based on your own finances.

I no longer sell flutes.  I send flutes to individuals who recognize them as trees in new forms.  In order to bring my attention and love to this labor of love, I need to be able to eat and breathe with ease.  In order to be able to receive an instrument of transformation (a transformed tree) into your life and hands, you also need to be able to eat and breathe with ease. I honor you as the future host of this Teacher and love being able to facilitate new friendships and deep contemplations and conversations in the language of song.

Still Sacred Reciprocity.  

I am always open to communicate and want the exchange of energy around these flutes to feel good. I enjoy having conversations with those interested in receiving a flute, making a personal connection so I can be thinking about that person as I work on their flute.

I also like to have a conversation with you to get a sense of your musical experience, any physical limitations you may have, and how you envision using the flute in your life. My goal is to help you select an instrument that feels like an extension of yourself or like a beloved friend. One that can be an instrument of transformation should you choose to use it in that way: A means of self-expression, a way for you quiet your own mind, listen, and hear. A flute can truly become an extension of yourself, a teacher, and a friend.


Geri makes each flute entirely .  She does her best to walk a life of balance while honoring this path of serving the Spirit of the Flute. At this time, she is following a vision of a Flute-Centered Medicine Wheel ~ assembling players into a circle to work with the 64 flute Elemental Seasons Set that she is making.  She will begin crafting the second set on the Spring Equinox 2023 and there will be between 50 and 63 places in the Circle for those wishing to participate in bringing her vision to life.  The 2023-24 South Circle will be opened first to those supporting the Vision and participating in an online community on Mighty Networks.  Information about the 64 Flute Project and ways to support her in fulfilling this Labor of Love can be found here [LINK]

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In the past I requested a non-refundable $100 deposit to either hold and complete a flute on hand for you or to add your name to my custom order list. At this time I am not taking any custom orders.  I do have some flutes in different stages of Being that I have time to complete between the months of December 2022 and April 2023.  Then I will start the second set of 64 Flutes for the 2nd of 4 Flute-Centered Medicine Wheels.  Please call me to see if you are interested in inviting one of these flutes into your life and into your home.

 I am not a production craftsperson. I do not work full-time in my workshop. It can take up to a month to send a flute on hand and anywhere from 2 months to 2 years to complete a custom flute depending on the season it is ordered in, the type of woods, and how much traveling I am doing for Ceremonies or sharing flute prayers, performances, or sacred activism. All of my life experiences are a part of my flute making. I value you and your life; I try to live fully and well and put prayers for your the life of others into all that I do.

Each flute comes with a simple cloth bag and an instructional booklet.

I can receive payments by check, paypal, or I can invoice you via Square for the deposit plus balance, or we can set up a payment schedule that is comfortable for you. I will let you know when the flute is completed and ready to be shipped. I prefer payment in full before delivery unless we make other arrangements beforehand. All flutes are guaranteed. Both in workmanship. And in tone and appearance. I take my time working on the flutes, voicing them, playing them before sending them. I truly want you to be happy with the flute you receive. If treated well, it will hopefully outlast you and be an item of beauty and joy for yourself and long into the future.